Friday, February 6, 2009

Really funny classroom pranks!

really funny!!!i have to admit..this might be alittle cruel to the teachers!haha..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homer tries to vote for Obama

This is funny stuff man!!!A must watch! :)

The blog has risen once again!!!!!

Hello all!
It must have been a while since i last blogged...about half a year...sorry!I am now primary 6 so i am having PSLE!!!So i don't have time to blog!!I am going to try to blog some cool stuff in the few weeks or so!Prepare to relive the fully awesome experience!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It was hot and crisp in Australia, Canberra. But it was not only hot Australia , it was in the whole Earth. I woke rubbing my eyes and drag myself out of bed. "yawn"i yawned while covering my mouth. After brushing my teeth, i took a box of 'supermania' cereal and emptied it in a bowl."mmm..." i thought.i turned on the television and watched the news"this is reporting live from Indonesia, there was a landslide earlier and 32 people are dead.more than 50 people are wounded."The reporter said.I switched off the television thinking about how sad the families will be.I washed my bowl and got ready for work.i work as a biologist and i am totally into the world right now.Global Warning is causing all this, and if no one help to stop Global Warming, the consequences will be serious.
After tightening my tie,i took my car keys and strolled outside."wait a second,i shouldn't be driving since it helps in making Global Warming worse."instead of driving my car, i took a bus. when i reached the biologist center, i payed the fare. i sat at my desk and my friend gave me some documents about Global Warming. he told me to study it and write a report on it. My eyes popped out when i read the articles.there was pictures,pictures of people suffering and below the pictures were big words: WE CAN SAVE THE EARTH IF WE WANT TO,IT DEPENDS ON WHETHER WE THINK OF DOING IT OR NOT!i turned on my laptop and wrote a long report as there were many ideas that came to my mind.
I gave the report to my boss and when he read it,his face lighten up."good job" he praised me.he gave me a present that day for writing such a good article.i hummed a tune while walking home.As i was still hungry, i decided to go to the nearby hawker center to eat supper.i sat in front of the television.i asked for a plate of beehoon and a can of coke.the television was showing a 24 hour concert that tells about the danger of Global a biologist,organizing these concerts are good."i wonder how Earth eill be?will it be destroyed?"i said while paying for the food.
There is moral for every story and this story's moral is........WE CAN SAVE THE EARTH IF WE WANT TO,IT DEPENDS ON WHETHER WE THINK OF DOING IT OR NOT!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

primary 4 camp !

sorry for not publishing any posts school has started and i can not use the computer every time!hehe..i am so excited as tomorrow there is going to have a p4 camp organised by the school! i am going to stay in the middle of the jungle and sleep there with my friends overnight!!!!i can not believe it!neither than sleeping over night, there will be activities like rock-climbing and the flying fox!and i have a fear of heights!i wonder how i am going to survive..haha...anyway i am still excited as it is going to be fun!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Japanese Tetris Game

a very funny tv show game!must watch!it will make you laugh!haha!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

spidey fan club!!!!

hello...once again viewers!!
i have decided that maybe i will start a spidey fan club...if i don't....i will erase this letter..haha!!ya...and i am now thinking if i should start it or not....the next post will be a spidey enjoy!!!haha...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


well,today i went to church and it was fun!but sometimes reading a bible is not a good idea for children!!today i red a few pages of my bible and boring!!!it was boring..but i had to gain knowledge about god know!!and after that i ate chicken rice.....(honestly,i don't really like chicken rice...but i like it for the rice!!)hehe..and in my church they sell corny dogs...which is sausage with meat and cheese inside a bread!!it was nice!!haha.....thats all!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

spiderman 3!!

yah!!!today i had such a wonderful time watching spiderman 3!!!so cool!!!i would want to watch it again no matter what!!!9i like venom alot!and spidey about you???

Monday, April 30, 2007

polar bears face global warming cartoon.

this cartoon shows about polar bears facing global warming!!soon they will all die...must watch and learn!!

Global warming!!!!

well, global warming is happening to earth and it is WORLD WIDE!!many reports have of course said about global warming!!!there are droughts...floods...many disaster too!!!!i am soooo sad!!and..many people have died due to this..the sea is heating up rapidly because of carbon dioxide...the main reason for this is that the earth's atmosphere is very thin..but with carbon dioxide....the atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker....well... people will usually say.."haha..the atmosphere is what?" but as you see..the sun's rays always go to the earth...then, most of the sun rays go out to outer space...but....with the thin atmosphere...some will be trap in the earth too....which is good as it makes the earth livable and the temperature just fine....but with carbon dioxide...the atmosphere will be thicken and it will trap more sun rays...which will make the earth hotter and hotter!!!!!=( another thing is that ice are melting due to this....glaciers are soon melting...and animals who depend on ice....what will happen to them???like polar bears...they swim to find floating ice to stay on....polar bears can swim but that does not mean that it won't drown??soon floating ices will melt and polar search of floating ice will swim further from where their home is...and they will drown!!! sad....that too can cause extinction..but not all of it lies on too lies on see...birds eat caterpillars but now...butterflys are giving birth to caterpillars faster due to global warming....and birds can't find caterpillars to eat...which they will die...there are many ways we can do to stop global warming!!!like reuse plastic bags...and do not waste water or electricity and many more !!!!i hope that global warming will stop...and we will live happily once again.!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

spongbob singing!!!

very funny!!! favourite caracter. !!!!!must watch!!!whoo hoo..

Monday, April 2, 2007

virtual reality!!!!a different one!!!

quite cool!!!!a statue become alive!!!!and the robot is like star wars robot!!haha!!!must watch!!!=)

virtual skydiving!!!!

quite fun and cool!!!!!you have to go to (uh....dont know)and you will enter a wind tunnel!!!!and you will float there!!!i wanna go!!!

jay chou-xing Qing!!!

a new song!!!cause i thought that maybe if i have 1 song it will be too boring!!!so sit back!!!and take your time and listen!!!hehe!!=0

how to stop drug abuse!!!!t

1)why do people use drugs???
Basically people use drugs because they like the way drugs make them feel. Pleasure is a powerful force. If you do something pleasurable, your brain is wired in such a way that you want to do it again. All drugs that are addicting can activate and affect the brain's pleasure circuit.
2)what is addiction???
Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and your behavior. You have control over your choice to start using drugs, but once you start, the pleasurable effect of drugs makes you want to keep using them. Over time, your brain actually changes in certain ways so that a powerful urge to use drugs controls your behavior. This is what it means to be addicted to drugs. Someone who is addicted uses drugs without thinking or caring about the consequences.
3)Can addiction be treated?
Yes, but addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. It may take a number of attempts before you can remain free of drugs or alcohol.!!!
4)How do I stop?
The first step in breaking addiction is realizing that you control your own behavior. You can't control how the people around you act. But you can control how you react. It's the only real control you have in your life. So use it. The following are the first steps to breaking your addiction:
1) Commit to quitting.
Once you decide to quit, make plans to be sure you really do it.
2)Get help from your doctor.
He or she can be your biggest ally, even if you're trying to quit a drug he or she prescribed. Your doctor may be able to prescribe medicine that makes you less likely to crave the addictive drug. Talking with your doctor or a counselor about your problems and your drug use can be helpful too.
3)Get support.
Contact one of the organizations listed in the column to the right. These groups are dedicated to helping people who have addictions. They want you to succeed, and they will give you the tools and support you need to quit and move on with your life. Ask your family and friends for support too.

i wish you make use of this report!!!!and i wish this world will be drug free!!!!(except for medicines...but medicines can make you addicted too!!!!so )i will write more next time!!!hehe!!!=)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

rock and roll martians!!

alittle bit funny!!!!featuring rock and roll martians!!!haha!!!=)

otter holding hands!!!!!!

this is sooo must watch this!!!!=)

Friday, March 30, 2007

website !!!

came across this website called free games online. Thousands of games to choose from. Racing games, shooting games, flying games, puzzle games, RPG games and many more!you must go there to play!!!!remember!!=)

commando game!!

Games at - Commando

Defend the Allies from the scourge of Europe.

Play this free game now!!

from miniclip .com!!!a very fun most like metal slug!!!must play!!!have fun!!=0

Sunday, March 25, 2007

the reverse choice!!!

have you gotten so angry that you start saying bad things to your friend or uhhhh....(dont know)????for example,your friend call you stupid and you get so angry that you scold him back...and get in trouble???if you's a better choice to choose from...called the reverse choice...!!!(invented it..hehe!)if your frien dcall you idiot ,act kind and say good things back...(it is not as easy as you think!!)the important thing is that you must not ever ever be angry or scold calm..and relax!!=)heres an example...(bully:wat!!you not happy ah!!you:of course i am not happy!!i got 50 upon 100 for my exam!!i wanna cry!!!)thats can try practising it with your friend!!!(WARNING:USE IT WHEN THE BULLY OR WHATEVER IS NOT FURIOUS, BECAUSE HE MAY HIT YOU...SO IF THE GUY OR GIRL IS FURIOUS..JUST WALK AWAY..MAYBE RUN!!!PLZ REMEMBER!!!!!!!)thats all.i will remember to write more on my blog next time..must comment!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

sleepy baby!!!

quite funny...and cute too!!!must watch too...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

dolphin cruelty in japan..=(

very sad..and sickening too!!they actually take the lungs out of the dolphin alive!!!so sad..and yuck!!=(i wanna cry!!

me and my dad..

this is me and my dad in last year's chinese new year...ya...went to malaysia to celebrate..haha

Thursday, March 15, 2007

micheal gor gor playing at his house!!

so nice!!!he is playing 'love at first sight'must watch,watch and watch...fantastic lol!!!oh...and the guy behind him is his brother who is bigger than me...must watch!!

super real virtual reality!!

so it from micheal gor gor...must watch!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

micheal gor gor singing at the street!!

haha....this is micheal gor gor singing 'over the rainbow'at uhh.....dont know...but never mind must watch!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

cool lightsaber fight..

damm cool!!!you must watch.....alittle bit funny...but mostly cool!!!enjoy..

Sunday, March 11, 2007

gypsy mc by micheal gor gor!

see this and your eyes will pop out..!!!must watch!!!oh and if you want to check out his blog go.. enjoy!!

feelings about micheal gor gor's singing!!!

hahaha....micheal gor gor's singing is so good i want to keep to listening to it!!!lol!!oh and he got a licence for street you all must see him sing....(dont know where??)remember that!!=)

funny kung fu fighting!!!

very funny!!!featuring bruce lee's daughter and jackie chan's daughter!!!must watch!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

another funny video!

quite funny!!!shows a bear ....maybe a polar bear...trying to fly..!!!

funny veggie show!

quite funny,the most funniest part is the last sit back and relax....enjoy!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

maplestory...vs pianus

lets see the maple heroes vs the pianus!!!lol!!!must watch..!!

maple 4th job!!!

those maple!watch and watch!!!!now including 4th job!!!haha!!=)

justin king....amazing guitar song ..

feel its nice and u die die must watch...enjoy!!!

life is wonderful

i dream the life in holy paradise....i feel relax and i feel i am in the cinema is is sweet!!your chance to get to your dreams depends on the holy life of god...never undiestimate the power of god